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Michael A. Ivie, Ph.D. mivie at MONTANA.EDU
Wed May 21 14:19:37 CDT 1997


My point is that morphospecies-based studies cannot be dismissed as bad
just because they aren't good systematics.  Unless the study involves
COMPARATIVE work, which many do not have as their goal, names are just
not that useful.  Period.

Because I am a systematist, and love collections, I will only work in
projects that generate vouchers that can be used.  Further, my bias is
that all projects should be vouchered, so that we can revisit the
studies (and build collections of use to revisers).  However, in MANY
cases where management decisions are involved, there will be no
revisiting, and no comparative work.

We must STOP claiming importance for systematics where it does not exist
(see Tom Lammers excellent statements a while back), stop complaining
about others' work, and get on with doing our own.  Also, screaming for
more money because we want a job is not very convincing to those with
the money.  I see no evidence that if given a billion dollars tomorrow
that had to be spent in the next 5 years, we as a community would be
able be really effective about spending it to resolve the taxonomic
bottleneck of biodiversity inventory and community ecology studies which
are being badmouthed on this server.   I suspect we would spend it on
things we want to do, like another collecting trip, or another


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