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Barry M. OConnor bmoc at UMICH.EDU
Thu May 29 14:24:21 CDT 1997

At 11:51 AM 5/29/97, Andrey Sharkov wrote:

>As to the second part of your question, there can be other situations when a
>published illustration of an undescribed taxon may exist.

One situation which is problematic, but legal under the ICZN, is to name a
new species on the basis of one of those illustrations of an undescribed
taxon.  A while back, an acarologist named some of the mites illustrated in
Krantz's Manual of Acarology as new species, simply reprinting Krantz's
figures (he did, by the way, name several of them "krantzi").  When asked,
he indicated that the holotypes were the specimens originally seen by
Krantz, although the describing author never saw them.

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