barcode info needed

Doug Yanega dyanega at MONO.ICB.UFMG.BR
Thu May 29 17:47:39 CDT 1997

Edward Riley asked:

>Can anyone provide me with company names, telephone numbers, etc. for
>suppliers of barcoding hardware and software as well as barcodes of a type
>and size suitable for entomological specimens?  Please respond to me
>directly.  Thanks. ...

And this reminded me; it's been some time since we last discussed the
barcoding pros & cons here, but it was evident from that and earlier
discussions that advances with Supertags and the like might eventually make
tags the technology of choice over barcoding (being able to point a device
at a stack of museum drawers and inventory all of the thousands of
specimens in them instantly, a feat which has been claimed is possible for
these tags, certainly has its appeal for time-saving) - has anyone here
managed to experiment with these tags yet in an actual museum collection,
or is it *still* something in the nebulous future? It would be nice to know
if they're a practical alternative or not.


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