Marsupial phylogeny

Mike Crisp Mike.Crisp at ANU.EDU.AU
Fri May 9 11:46:01 CDT 1997

Greg Seal asked:

>Does anybody have any references on marsupial phylogeny as I am currently
>starting a research project on this subject.

Here are a couple of recent ones.

Huelsenbeck, J.P., Hillis, D.M. & Nielsen, R. (1996), A likelihood-ratio
test of monophyly. Systematic Biology 45: 546-558.
Faith, D.P. (1990), Chance marsupial relationships. Nature 345: 393.

There are lots more out there, but I do not collect them.  A search of some
on-line databases, eg Uncover, would soon yield lots more.

Also, you should talk to Axel Janke at the University of Lund, Dept of
genetics, Division of Evolutionary Molecular Systematics, Sweden.  He is
active in molecular phylogenetics of marsupials and other mammals.

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