Herbarium or Biotechnology Lab ?

Adolf Ceska aceska at FREENET.VICTORIA.BC.CA
Wed May 14 07:20:49 CDT 1997

I got the following note from my colleague from the major university in
British Columbia, Canada:

"Just a hurried note of despair... I fear that we have bottom-line Dean of
Science who feels that all services must pay. Sound familiar? The result is
that he has made serious suggestions that the herbarium might be closed to
release the space to build more biotechnology labs. These of course, in his
judgement would generate money ..."

My radical view is that the Dean of Science with such ideas should
either resign or be removed from his office, but there are people who
would not even question his proposal. Do you know any arguments that
work for the protection of herbaria or other collections in situations
like this one?

I hesitate to pose this question to the list. If you know the answer,
please, write to me and I will post the summary of the answers.
I don't want to start a thread on this grim topic.

Many thanks and best regards,

Adolf Ceska

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