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At 02:00 PM 05-20-97 GMT+2, Dr. Nigel Barker wrote:
>I agree with Thomas's first couple of points... it is systematics,
>and the need to know "WATSI" is a strong driving force... but I would
>like to know how one is going to produce a "workable classification
>system" (by which I am, possibly erroniously, assuming means
>"predictive") without adopting the principles of parsimony and all it
>I realise  this is a bit of a diversion off the initial thread,
>but it did pique my interest. Obviously, I find myself rooted in (one
>of) the  schools of cladistic methodology (about which one can argue
>ad nauseum, and TAXACOM  is probably not the forum for this), but
>would like to hear/read  various thoughts about what a "working
>classification" is... see, I have just had to lecture this to
>2nd year Botany students... maybe I can scrounge a few more ideas!

I meant that, realizing systematics to be an unending synthesis, a dynamic
on-going process, I am willing to accept a less-than-perfect First
Approximation of a classification.  Make sure that taxa are circumscribed
sensibly, that everything has a name and is pidgeon-holed in at least a
phenetic seat-of-the-pants intuitive subjective fashion.  You might think we
have this already, but for entomology and botany, we do NOT.   Once a
useable First Approximation is available, then we can afford the luxury of
qubbling over whether this branch has a 90% bootstrap support or 80%
bootstrap support, or whether nuclear genes are superior to plastid genes,
or whether this Article of the Code truly makes this name illegitimate.

In a nutshell, we need to be more serious in analyzing cost-vs,-benefit.
Time and  resources are limited.  How much to spend on a project for what we
gain in new knowledge?

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