Tue May 20 11:53:25 CDT 1997

Tim Utteridge wrote:

>>so they used morpho-species instead. The systematics can come later was
>>their point.

Andy Whittington wrote:

>Seems illogical and short-sighted.  How can they ever hope to use their
>data comparitively?  Morpho-sp. 1 of one author will most likely be VERY
>different to Morpho-sp 1 of the next author.

The whole point of morpho-typing is that you do not attempt a systematic
treatment nor publish until you and your colleagues have all seen each
other's specimens and you have all agreed on delimitations, descriptions,
and diagnoses for each morphotype.  So, formal taxonomic treatments come
late in the work-flow on a project, but they are as sound as they can be,
given the abundance of specimens and published comparative data at hand.

        Una Smith
        Yale University

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