from Venezuela... a call for everyone

Linares at Mizzou1.Missouri.eduJohana Linares at Mizzou1.Missouri.eduJohana
Tue May 20 16:21:20 CDT 1997

Yesterday I posted a message very well received for a bunch of people. =
I am=20
really greatefull.
As I said in that opportunity my friend ( a very talented professor) ha=
s been=20
awareded with a prize in cash, but still his funds are very limited. I =
ask you "taxocoms" to reply with fully detail, including tuition cost a=
housing... here you can see the original posting.=20
I just have to add that he is also interested in taxidermy related cour=
if you already reply please don`t hesitate and do it again, I want to b=
e sure I=20
gather all the info available.
god bless you
        Johana Linares

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Asunto: from Venezuela... a call for everyone
Autor:  CSREP3 (CSREP3-MRV) en MRV-OP-CS-1-CC3
Fecha:    19/05/1997 13:41

     I am trying to help a friend who has been awarded with a very=20
     appreciated prize from the Education Council from Venezuela, it`s =

     called "Knowledge stilmulus".=20
     He would like to invest this money in a course related to taxonomy=
     taxidermy, bio-diversity, etc.
     Unfortunately he doesn`t have much time to complete graduate cours=
     so he is searching mostly on 6 to 9 months courses, starting this =

     summer anytime... please forward me ANY information.=20
     Here a brief of himself: graduated professor and he teaches biolog=
y at=20
     a private institution. Founder of one of the few natural cience=20=
=0A     museums in Venezuela.
     you can also reply directly to:
     (CSREP3 at or (VEMRVJOL at
        Johana Linares

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