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The taxonomy comes later is, as Doug Yanega, pointed out is a very bad
thing. I think that we should worry that ecologists are using
morphospecies, but also question why they are using them. Not only because
they have to, but because they are doing biodiversity inventory work where
species manuals are not available. But why are ecologists in the frontline
of the biodiveristy crisis (and getting funding for it).

What about us?  Wouldn't our collections, labelled, duplicated,
distributed and checked with other specimens, followed (quickly) by a
species list be far better. As systematists we need to advertise ourselves
as the ones who can do the job. Stir up the taxpayer's ideas about the
environement and biodiversity. Ecologists are there because every
politician and Faculty Dean can spout on and on about ecology and the
environment but would dry up after a couple of minutes trying to talk
about systematics. Rename ourselves biodiversitists.

I worry that I will be here in 50 years time and we still don't know the
plants of Borneo but I will be able to recite the sister-groups to most
higher angiosperms off the top of my head.

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