Reply to: Herbarium software inquiry

Fri May 30 16:36:06 CDT 1997

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From: Regis B. Miller:S32A
Date: ## 05/30/97 09:36 ##
I am using a MAC database program called Panorama ver. 3.0 (ProVUE
Development, Huntington Beach, CA).  It will make labels and all that
sort of thing plus it interfaces with the internet quite nicely.
I have a database that I hope to get on my web site this summer.  It
will be approximately 48,000 records.  You can even edit from the Web.

Let me know if you want some additional information.  I know of at
least one site that uses Panorama databases.

Good luck.

Regis B. Miller
Forest Products Laboratory
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From: Gary Hannan:X400A
Date: ## 05/30/97 07:08 ##
         DD.ID=internet(b)ONLINE.EMICH.EDU(b)bio hannan/

I am looking into instituting a computer system (hardware/software) for our
small (25K sheets) herbarium that will streamline accessioning, label
production, and that would make the final database searchable on the
internet.  Do any of you who are involved in computer use in small herbaria
have any suggestions or recommendations for software?  Our Dept. is
mac-based, so it would be preferable, though not essential, to run the
software on a mac.


Gary Hannan
Eastern Michigan University (EMC)

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