Herbarium database software

Jerome V Ward wardjer at MAIL.AUBURN.EDU
Fri May 30 16:52:30 CDT 1997

On Fri, 30 May 1997, Eva Wallander wrote:
> I would just like to add that FileMaker Pro 3.1 has been available for
> about a year now, and it's relational. It has some other features as well
> that was not in previous versions, plus a capacity to handle up to 2 GB
> data. It works very well. I also recommed it. It is also easy to make the
> database searchable on the Internet.
> Sincerely, Eva Wallander

I would like to ask what experience workers have had with MS Access as a
database.  I am planning to develop one for the Auburn University
Herbarium and woudl like to get some imput on what would work best.
I understand that Access is being customized for some Texas herbaria but I
don't have the details at hand.
Jerome Ward
Curator, Auburn Univ. Herbarium
Auburn, AL  36849

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