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Field Museum's web site now hosts ICAL-Invertebrates, the latest member of
the "ICAL family" (Interactive Collections Availability List). Here you will
find (after appropriate submissions have been made) a list of Invertebrates
collections that are either orphaned and available for adoption by an
institution, or underutilized and in need of further investigation by
research students and scientists.

It is the aim of ICAL-Invertebrates to serve as a clearinghouse to assure
that scientific collections are placed in public repositories where they
will be fully accessible for scientific research and education.

ICAL-Invertebrates is restricted to extant invertebrate taxa (for fossils
please use ICAL-Paleontology) and excludes insects (an ICAL-Insects
orphanage is forthcoming).

ICAL-Invertebrates also allows you to notify the worldwide "invertebrate"
community through an automated distribution list that you have a collection
that either needs a new home or needs further study.

Other active ICAL sites are:
 http://www.mobot.org/ical  (botany) and
 http://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/ICAL  (fossils).

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