role of museums in preserving of biodiversity

sarmuz sarmuz at NETLAB.SK
Fri Nov 14 13:12:28 CST 1997

I=B4d like know some opinions on general role of museal collections and =
museums as institutions in preserving of biodiversity.
The special museal atributes are, for me:
- heading position in managemet of biodiversity data, in collaboration =
with universities; research, conservational and other institutions
- special standing in taxonomy research like place traditionaly oriented =
to determination of animals, plants, etc.  =20
- exceptional role in presenting of biodiversity knowledge to public.
With best wishes
Martin Hromada
***************Martin Hromada, Curator of Vertebrata
Natural History Department, Sarisske Museum
Radnicne nam. 13, 08501 Bardejov, Slovakia
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