Latin to English Determinations

Lucas Vincent Baumbach lvb1 at CORNELL.EDU
Thu Nov 20 22:57:15 CST 1997

        Needing a determination translated from the Latin, so that you can
decide what plant your predecessor is describing?  Offering a service to
systematists in need of a Latin-literate plant biologist, I can accurately
translate your Latin determinations into English.  Included with any
requests for translation I'd like to have the name of the Key you may be
using as a cross reference in your research.  Latin translations may be
confusing.  It's often easy to say "fugit me ratio" and be done with the
tedious task at hand.  So, don't get in a twist.  Just get someone else to
do the dirty work for you.
        You can contact me by email at lvb1 at  by phone @
(607)253-2592 or by standard mail @ Cornell University/ 5554 Dickson/
Ithaca, NY/ 14853-2401.

Ave, atque vale!
        Lucas Baumbach
        Cornell University

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