dichotomy in Angiosperms

Paul Goetghebeur Paul.Goetghebeur at RUG.AC.BE
Mon Nov 24 18:47:55 CST 1997

Dear Taxacomers,

Once again I was asked about the nature of dichotomous branching in
Angiosperms, something that I was not able to answer
I have made some literature searches, and a few (I might say,
"classical") examples are cited over and again.
However I still have to find a study with sufficient anatomical and
ontogenetic evidence (plus illustrations) that would convince me on
this matter.
I think there is a problem.  How do we know if a meristem is divided
exactly in two equal "halves" ?  And what about the quiescent center,
hidden under the dividing cells ?

These questions are of rather pure morphological nature, but I have
noticed that also from this forum many useful ideas and solutions do
By the way has anyone of you noticed something like "MORPHO"COM ???
and if so, how to reach them ?

With my best regards,

Paul Goetghebeur
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