spinning stage-source?

Tue Nov 25 15:07:29 CST 1997

I'm trying to locate a spinning stage slide ringer.  My use for the spinning
stage is to ring with varnish the cover slip of slide mounts of parasitic
wasps for use in a taxanomic study.  The stage will make ringing much
easier, and should actually be faster and neater than trying to paint a
circle around the cover slip, especially when doing hundreds of mounts.

The one I have been told about is an oval wood platform, 8 inches by 4
inches, and 2 inches high. On one end is a round brass stage mounted
on a ball bearing so it's free-spinning.  On the stage is a clip, and in the
center of the stage is an inscribed circle the width of a cover slip.  There
may be other models.

As yet I've not been able to find a supplier.  Will some one please pass
along the name of a supplier for the spinning stage?

Lou Hesler

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