Announcement from Research Collections Program at NSF

James T. Callahan jcallaha at NSF.GOV
Mon Nov 3 14:13:25 CST 1997

In order to correct certain misinformation given to some members of the
community, the Research Collections Program at the National Science
Foundation wishes to state firmly that there will be a proposal deadline
on January 15, 1998.  The current Program Announcement (NSF 93-116)
will be in effect.  That announcement may be accessed via the Internet
(  A revised
program announcement will be published in early 1998 and will contain the
change to one proposal deadline per year for the Research Collections
Program.  For further information, contact Dr. James T. Callahan,
Program Director at <jcallaha at>.  The program regrets any
misunderstanding and inconvenience that may have been caused.

James T. Callahan
Program Director

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