Allozyme/isozyme electrophoresis

Gary Hannan bio_hannan at ONLINE.EMICH.EDU
Wed Nov 5 13:23:08 CST 1997

>I am doing some allozyme/isozyme work and am in need of a gel slicer.  Does
>anyone out there know of a manufacturer for such a device?  If not, any
>suggestions on how to rig one up myself?
>Jerry Bricker
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parts list:

1. spool of nylon fishing leader (try 2 or 3 lb test; different brands
differ in how smooth or consistent diameter they are- Orvis seems to be
pretty good for this)

2. 8 strips of 1/8 inch thick plexiglass- this can give 4 slices from a 1cm
thick gel

3. 2 index fingers, with opposable thumbs!

Wrap leader around fingers (just like flossing your teeth!)
Hold leader against plexiglass strips at left and right edges of gel
Slide leader down length of gel,while holding leader very taut (have to be
careful not to break it, though)
Peel off slice.

Discard top slice (too uneven in thickness, and slightly dessicated).

I use modelling clay, also, to hold the glass plate (on which the gel sits)
in place

Gary Hannan

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