The tree of evolution: What about its best growth form?

Thomas Schlemmermeyer termites at USP.BR
Fri Nov 7 17:07:40 CST 1997

Hello out there in the net-space,

As I already outlined in one of my previous mails, I'm just a beginner
who tries to understand it all.

My mind was astonished by seeing the cover photo of the second edition of
"Molecular Systematics" by Hillis and Moritz, Sinauer, 1996.
There, a tree of evolution was given. The terminal taxa (some in the englis=
realm say taxons) were arranged in a circular order around the root=20
which branched by starting from the middle.
I have already seen other trees which had their roots on the top and were
growing towards the bottom!
Very elegant, seemingly still not out of vogue, are classical trees of=20
evolution which grow from the bottom to the top.

Are there any further aspects involved beside the sense of beauty???

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