designating a photo as holotype?

Doug Yanega dyanega at MONO.ICB.UFMG.BR
Fri Nov 7 17:13:56 CST 1997

Thomas Pape wrote:

>You can use the image for descriptive purposes only, not as a type as such.
>This holds even for lectotype designations. You mention that illustrations
>may "stand in for a holotype", but the type proper is still the specimen

That settles that - now that I see the quote, it had come up here once
before, in a discussion way back when (remember the "Type of Homo sapiens?"
thread?), but I'd forgotten the clause that even a *non-existent* specimen
was considered the name-bearing type (as in the case of Nessiteras). So, if
the specimen in the present case had been completely destroyed, it would
still be the holotype, if I used its photo as the basis for the
description, and someone down the road could therefore only designate a
*lectotype* to replace the missing holotype. Okay. Pardon my confusion, and


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