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The Swedish Museum of Natural History is a publicly funded
museum operating as an independent governmental agency. With
collections comprising over 18 million objects, it is the
largest museum in Sweden, and one of the ten largest natural
history museums in the world. The museum conducts research
in many aspects of the life and earth sciences. The museum
has a fully equipped DNA-lab.

The museum announces a Senior Curator position in plant
systematics at the Department of Cryptogamic Botany.

Besides curatorial management the successful applicant is
expected to perform independent research within the subject
field. Competence in creating, leading, and financing an
independent research group will be taken into account.

Applicants are expected to have a Ph.D. degree, expertise in
the systematics of a bryophyte or a non-lichenized fungus
(preferably basidiomycetes) group, and a track record of
research and publication success in taxonomy and
phylogenetic systematics. Experience in herbarium curation
with emphasis on cataloging, creating, handling, and
maintaining a computerized collection data base is
important. Proficiency or interest in web-publishing is also

The successful candidate will be required to work with
administrative duties and to participate on various museum
committees. Foreign applicants are expected to speak Swedish
after two years.

The application should contain each of the following:

- A curriculum vitae and a list of scientific publications.
Applicants should indicate which publications, no more than
five, they consider most adequately represent their
scientific achievements.

- A short account of the applicant's scientific and
curatorial experience and future scientific program.
Applicants should make clear which of their scientific
results they rate most highly.

- Reprints or copies of at most five publications that the
applicant considers most adequately represent his/her
scientific achievements.

For further information, please contact Professor Anders
Tehler, telephone:  +46 8 666 4160 e-mail:
anders.tehler at

The application should arrive at The Swedish Museum of
Natural History, Box 50007, S-104 05 Stockholm, Sweden, no
later than December 1, 1997.

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