References on color requested...

Rodham E. Tulloss ret at PLUTO.NJCC.COM
Thu Nov 13 17:07:56 CST 1997

Here are the citations requested:

     Hamly, D. H. 1949. The Ridgway color standards with a Munsell
     notation key. _J. Optic. Soc. Amer._ 39: 592-599.  [Should be
     able to get a photocopy of this.  I know there is a copy in
     MICH, for example.]

     Ridgway, R. 1912. _Color standards and nomenclature_.
     (privately published, Washington, D.C.). 44 pp., 53 pl.
     [Copies of this book that have been heavily used in the
     field are not worthwhile if you can get a clean copy.  The
     latter are going for around $US 500 these days.]

Very best,

Rod Tulloss

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