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Hartmut H. Hilger hahilger at MAIL.ZEDAT.FU-BERLIN.DE
Mon Nov 17 08:53:40 CST 1997

Dear colleagues,

we are carrying out a DNA sequencing study on members of the tribe
Colletieae (Rhamnaceae); unfortunately, up to now we have failed to
get adequate material of Discaria pubescens, a shrub indigenous to
Southeastern Australia. As usual for this type of studies we just
need a few leaves and/or green twigs, taken either from a living
specimen (sent as fresh material or silicagel-dried) or from a not-too-old
herbarium voucher (up to ten years old). Suggestions about possible sources
(botanical gardens, herbaria where recent collections are to be expected,
personal contacts) would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Diego Medan, Buenos Aires diemedan at
Hartmut H. Hilger (Berlin) hahilger at

Hartmut H. Hilger
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