Lithocarpus glabra/ Lithocarpus glaber

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At 02:55 PM 11-17-97 +1000, Rob Cross wrote:
>Dear colleagues,
>Both Lithocarpus glabra and Lithocarpus glaber appear in the literature,
>and I have not been able to confirm which specific epithet is correct.
>According to Index Kewensis on Compact Disc, Lithocarpus glabra was
>published by Takenoshin Nakai in 1916.  This epithet has been used by
>A.Camus in her treatment of Lithocarpus (Camus, A (1952-54)
>Monographie du genre Lithocarpus), and more recently by Cullen, J &
>Maxwell, HS (1989)  Lithocarpus in Walters et al. (eds.) The European
>Garden Flora, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
>The following publications use the epithet L.glaber however:
>Krussman, G  (1977)  Manual of Cultivated Broad-leaved Trees and
>Shrubs  Volume II, E-Pro  Timber Press, Portland, Oregon;
>Bean, WJ  (1973)  Trees and Shrubs Hardy in the British Isles  Volume II
>D-M  8th Edition  John Murray (Publishers) Ltd, London; and
>Bailey, LH & Bailey, EZ  (1976)  Hortus Third - A Concise Dictionary of
>the Plants Cultivated in the United States and Canada   Macmillan
>Publishing Company, Inc., New York.
>Other members of staff and I can only deduce that the botanists
>preferring Lithocarpos glaber are correcting the gender of the epithet
>under Article 62.2 of the Tokyo Code (where the gender of the epithet
>should agree with the gender of the last word in nominative case in the

Art. 62.2 Ex. 2 specifically says names ending in -carpus are masculine.
But it isn't included among the compounding forms listed in 62.2 proper
(codon, myces, etc.)

Also 62.1 says names retain traditional gender -- and mentions classical
tree names as usually being feminine.  Can Lithocarpus be construed as a
classical name?

Lithocarpus contains more than one binomial, correct?  What gender is used
for them, especially the type species?

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