Thorne's "A Revised System of Angiosperm Classification"

Wed Nov 19 10:05:00 CST 1997

I am pleased to announce the publication electronically of "A Revised System
of Classification of the Angiosperms" by Dr. Robert F. Thorne of the Rancho
Santa Ana Botanic Garden. An outline of his new system is presented in two
forms. One is a strict linear listing of accepted names from the rank of
class through subfamily (tribe in Asteraceae), and a second more detailed
listing of names with full authorships down to the rank of family, including
synonymy. The Thorne system will also be available on Flowering Plant
Gateway at Texas A. & M.

By using an electronic form of publication, Dr. Thorne will be able to more
frequently revise and update his system as new information requires. A
hardcopy publication with much more information will be presented in 1998.

Those who use Cronquist's "An integrated system of classification of
flowering plants" (1981) will find useful a newly prepared errata for the
authorships and dates of publication for the suprageneric names used in his

In an effort to maintain an up-to-date concordance of family names for the
U.S. Department of Agricuture, both Thorne's and my own views are now
included. Thorne's revised system. Cronquist errata. family name concordance Reveal's system Reveal's vascular plants

James L. Reveal

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