spinning stage-source?

Barry M. OConnor bmoc at UMICH.EDU
Tue Nov 25 16:27:50 CST 1997

At 3:07 PM 11/25/97, LOUIS HESLER wrote:
>I'm trying to locate a spinning stage slide ringer.

>As yet I've not been able to find a supplier.  Will some one please pass
>along the name of a supplier for the spinning stage?
Acarologists also use such things to ring Hoyer's mounts.  A search a
couple of years ago turned up no suppliers in North America.  We approached
BioQuip Products who said they could produce such an item, but only if a
sufficient market could be identified.  The numbers we came up with were
insufficient and no product was developed.  I'm still using an antique that
was handed down to me by my former doctoral advisor.
        A Japanese colleague in a government research lab faced the same
situation and had a ringing stage fabricated at a cost of around US$200.

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