entering scientific names

Hesiquio Benitez Diaz hbd at HP.FCIENCIAS.UNAM.MX
Thu Nov 27 12:51:09 CST 1997

Dear taxacomers:

I need your expertise to clarify some questions about the right way to
enter scientific names in to an electronic check-list depending on the
taxonomical level as well by major taxonomical group (plants, animals).

At least we agree that for infraspecific level should be ALL in lowercase

For genus : Starting upper and then lowercase

But, how should be for family, Order, Class, etc. All uppercase?, Mixed or
lower?. We have seen both ways in the literture.

Could you give us some advice?

One more for databasers!

Specific and infraspecific names should be entered as
binominal-trinominal or just the epitets?.
(thinking more in recursive related tables)

just an example!

GENUS: Falco
SPECIES: mexicanus "or" Falco mexicanus

Thank you very much in advance!

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