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Paul Goetghebeur Paul.Goetghebeur at RUG.AC.BE
Wed Nov 19 18:08:58 CST 1997

Dear all,

With two students I am now trying to get an idea of form (and if I
may say, function) of drip tips.

Our greenhouses have shown us an unexpectedly diversified number of
drip tip types, and so we were very happily starting a grand tour
through the literature.
And there things went wrong, scarcely some data were found.
Perhaps we have used the wrong key words ?

Can I ask the drip tip lovers to share their information with us,
that would be so kind !

With my best regards & many thanks for sharing your data,

Paul Goetghebeur
Laboratory of Botany / Department of MSE Biology
University Gent
Ledeganckstraat 35
9000   Gent / Belgium

email :  Paul.Goetghebeur at rug.ac.be

fax : +  32  9  264 5334

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