Tinker Foundation Flora Neotropica Fellowships

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Fri Nov 21 11:34:24 CST 1997

     Please circulate the following announcement to all potential


     Wayt Thomas
     Executive Secretary, OFN


     The Organization for Flora Neotropica and The New York Botanical
     Garden are pleased to announce the Tinker Foundation Flora Neotropica
     Fellowships for 1998.  The objective of these awards is to provide two
     Latin American or West Indian botanists or mycologists with the
     opportunity to use the facilities of The New York Botanical Garden in
     order to complete the research necessary to prepare manuscripts to be
     submitted to Flora Neotropica.

     Flora Neotropica is a series of monographic treatments of  plants and
     fungi native to the Neotropics.  Flora Neotropica monographs enable
     the identification of plants of the Neotropics and the understanding
     of their distributions.  These monographs include species
     descriptions, identification keys to species, and current information
     on relationships of species and genera, ecology, and economic

     Fellows will receive sufficient funds to pay for their round-trip
     travel, a room in the New York Botanical Garden vistors' apartment,
     and daily living expenses.  It is expected that fellows will stay at
     The New York Botanical Garden for a minimum of one month.  Maximum
     award is $4,500.  The trip must be completed by 31 December 1998.

     In addition to a Curriculum Vitae, the applicant should send a letter
     (4 pages maximum) describing the research, progress to date, and the
     goals to be reached during the stay in New York.  The applicant should
     also provide a current address, telephone number, fax number, and
     e-mail address (if available).

     Deadline: 1 February, 1998

     Notification: by 1 March, 1998

     Send inquiries and applications to:

     Dr. Wm. Wayt Thomas
     Executive Director, Organization for Flora Neotropica
     The New York Botanical Garden                Tel: (718) 817-8625
     Bronx, NY  10458-5126                        Fax: (718) 562-6780 USA
                                       E-mail: wthomas at nybg.org

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