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Luis Diego Gomez ldgomez at NS.OTS.AC.CR
Wed Nov 26 16:12:32 CST 1997

I would like to hear the opinions of those of you who handle ICBN problems
on the following subject:

Between 1930 and 1940, Mr. XX published a Revision of the Genus AAAA
**Fungi. The official publication date is 1938.  In it, this learned
colleague published several descriptions of new species in English. Nowhere
did he use Latin.

Are these descriptions valid?

Furthermore, he included several species which had never been published, in
Latin or otherwise, but were "Herbarium names". For example:

AAAA spicatus Smith, herbarium name (hypothetical, of course)

Does Prof. XX's validate those herbarium names?

Get your set of ICBN and trace what the Code said in regards to: a- Latin
descriptions. Were Fungi supposed to comply to that Rule at that time? b- Is
the citation of someone else's "herbarium name" enough to validate
publication of a fungus, at least in 1938?

Much obliged. Need not respond to the entire list but directly to me. Luis D.
Luis Diego Gomez
Director Las Cruces
Organization for Tropical Studies
Mail ldgomez at ns.ots.ac.cr

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