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Vr.R. Bejsak-Colloredo-Mansfeld ricardo at LOGIN.CZ
Wed Oct 1 19:18:10 CDT 1997

Dear colleagues,

I have feeling that "the creatonist debate" for many is only ::
a game for intellectuals
a  way how to upset friend
a type of joke.

I remember one thing:
In my country white mouses has the same function like pink elephants. You=
 see them
when you are drunk....
When I was in school ( as a joke) a proclaim (very seriously)  that white=
 mice does not exist.
... Have you seen them?  oh you was drunk, hehe
... You bring one white to school OK, , I bring green mouse a next day...
... You brink book about white mice I brink book about Mickey Mouse...
All my schoolmates was very upset that they cannot proof existence of whi=
te mouse... and I was laughing inside.

Keep care and be of good cheer

Vratislav Richard Eugene Maria John Baptiste
of Bejsak (Bayshark)-Collorado-Mansfeld

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only after the last river has been poisoned,
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