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Fri Oct 3 14:19:04 CDT 1997

Dear Taxacomers:

Is anyone interested in a live bee hive and collection?  Can you help =
this man find someone who might be?

I appreciate the help.


From:   Kenneth Ransier[SMTP:lransier at telebyte.net]
Sent:   Friday, October 03, 1997 12:05 PM
To:     asc at ascoll.org
Subject:        Beehive for collection

Dear ASC,
        My parents have a very large beehive under their deck. I don't know =
what species they are, but the hive is paper-like, football shaped and =
larger than 24" (still growing). We do not wish to destroy it and would =
like to know if a researcher would like to remove it intact. It is =
perfect and has a full compliment of bees. They live on the Kitsap =
Peninsula in western Washington State. If you know of someone who might =
be interested in it please e-mail me with contact information. We hope =
someone with interest can get it whole, as not all hives are this easy =
to get to.  Of course there is no charge for the hive and it is =
available for collection almost any hour of the day (or night, as I =
understand bees are semi-dormant then).

Thank you and please respond as soon as convenient.

Kenneth Ransier=20
lransier at pacific.telebyte.net

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