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Thomas G. Lammers lammers at FMPPR.FMNH.ORG
Mon Oct 6 12:02:33 CDT 1997

Those interested in the recent thread on evolution and scientific creation
will want to note the following:

AAAS Program of Dialogue between Science and Religion in collaboration with
The Field Museum and WYCC (a Chicago public television station) will hold an
"Epic of Evolution Conference" at the Field Museum in Chicago, 12-14
November 1997.  The goal of the conference is to demonstrate that the
findings of the evolutionary sciences with respect to the development of the
cosmos,  of life, of humankind and of human culture can be constructively
interpreted in relation to religious values concerning human nature and
destiny.  It is designed for members of the general public , including K-12
teachers, religious leaders, members of the press who report on science or
religion, theological faculty and students, and college faculty and students
in the sciences and humanities.  Among the many speakers are Joel Primack,
Niles Eldredge, Ursula Goodenough, Francisco Ayala, and Ian Tattersall.

For more information, contact: rbobala at aaas.org

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