Insects as Human food

Gombauld Pascal gombauld.p at CIRAD.FR
Wed Oct 15 11:35:28 CDT 1997

Can anyone help me about this subject :"Insects as Human food" ?
I'am an entomologist and I wish to initiate a program on this subject.
=46irst I would like to be in touch with people working in this field.
Second I would like to have basic references on this matter.
Neotropical applications interest me best, but as it is the beginning for
me, I guess anything will be of great interest for me.
I am mainly interested in developping rapid real applications and not only
in fondamental researches. Is there any Institute, Private or Public, or
company, or association, or Federation dealing with the subject ?
Of course, I'am very interested in any coop=E9ration.
Bests regards

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