Problems with Entomo-L

Thomas Schlemmermeyer termites at USP.BR
Wed Oct 15 21:40:07 CDT 1997

Hello out there,

I=B4m also a subscriber of ENTOMO-L, who is not receiving messages anymore.
A guy from Canada, Michael Roboz, told me that there were some ENTOMO-L=20
subscribers who continue to receive messages, while others don=B4t.

If in this list is someone of the lucky side, could she or he forward to
me the last messages of ENTOMO-L referring to my own question posted to=20
the list referring to sibbling and morphospecies ?=20
As far as I know, Entomo-L has no archive like this list.

=09=09=09Cheers, hopefully    Thomas
Thomas Schlemmermeyer
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