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Dave Chesmore E.D.Chesmore at E-ENG.HULL.AC.UK
Wed Oct 22 15:50:04 CDT 1997

I have just returned from a European Science Foundation meeting on
Systematic Biology which is aiming to develop a future programme in
systematic biology.

I presented a paper on computer-aided taxonomy which includes
within its remit automated species identification, key systems for
identification and all aspects of computer applications in systematics.
 I am attempting to define the concept mroe closely.

At the meeting, I was not entirely surprised that different phylogenetic
approaches (morphology, rbcl, r-DNA) and analysis methods
(parsimony, etc) produced different phyogenies.  What DID surprise
me is that there appears to be no concensus as to which is best.
Each person appeared to have his/her own favorite method!

My question is - does anyone know of any research, papers, etc for
comparative studies of the various methods giving objective

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