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Dear taxacomers

I have been asked by Dr Kwiton Jong, who is not on Taxacom, to let
everyone, especially cytologists and taxonomists, know about the new
laboratory manual on cytological techniques described below. Orders
and enquiries to Print and Publicity Section, Royal Botanic Garden
Edinburgh, as at foot of forwarded message.

Yours sincerely
Robert Mill

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New Publication

Laboratory Manual of Plant Cytological Techniques

Price: 10.00 stlg per copy
UK: 1.50stlg p+p,
Overseas: 4.50stlg p+p

Information from chromosomes is of great value to plant taxonomists
as well as to those researchers aiming to conserve genetic resources
and biodiversity. Following the Rio Convention, taxonomy is
enjoying a resurgence of interest and support, and yet there remains
an urgent need for the training of cytologist to provide vital base line
data for taxonomic and systematic studies.There are many countries
blessed with rich and diverse floras, where for the majority of plant
species even basic cytological information such as chromosome
numbers is not known. Although there are many taxonomists who
are well able to secure the cytogenetic data they need themselves,
many either do not have the time, or, perhaps more commonly, the
inclination or know-how to try.

One of the main aims of this Manual is to provide access to some
 well-tried protocols, for obtaining good chromosome preparations.
The Manual is targeted at those with no, or little previous
experience of working with plant chromosomes, and provides a
clear and concise introduction to the field. For those who have
struggled to get good chromosome preparations or had difficulty
even seeing chromosomes in the slides they have produced, this
guide contains step by step easy to follow schedules, with many
hints and suggestions that will help towards getting useful
cytological data, so that "having another go" becomes less

The Manual includes

. a brief introduction to the chromosome squash technique
. a selection of well-tried step by step pretreatment and staining
 schedules for producing a good chromosome slide
. recipes for the preparation of stains and other reagents
. suggestions on how to tackle difficult plant groups
. illustrations of stages of mitotic and meiotic cell division
. information on variation in chromosome morphology and
 examples of taxonomic use of cytological data
. hints on recording observations and record keeping
. techniques for preparing slides for permanent storage
 references to original published sources and other
 relevant publications

For further information and to order a copy, contact:
E-MAIL pps at

      (Dr) ROBERT R MILL
      Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh
      20a Inverleith Row, EDINBURGH EH3 5LR, SCOTLAND, U.K.

      Electronic Mail:   R.Mill at
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