Insects & angiosperms

Francisco de A. G. de Mello fmello at SURFNET.COM.BR
Sun Oct 26 11:38:29 CST 1997

Dear friends,

I am preparing a general course on Entomology for undergraduates.
Perhaps one of you could suggest a book, book chapter or journal article
dealing with the connection between the rapid increase of angiosperm
diversity during the Lower Cretaceous and the concomitant advent of
coevolutionary relationships between plants and pollinating insects. I
need some material to illustrate the importance of insects in "shaping"
the modern floras.

Your assistance will be much appreciated.


Francisco de A.G. de Mello
Departamento de Zoologia
Instiuto de Biocijncias- UNESP
18618-000 Botucatu, Sao Paulo, Brazil

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