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Barbara Ertter ertter at UCJEPS.HERB.BERKELEY.EDU
Thu Oct 2 13:45:33 CDT 1997

                Fellowship Opportunities for Moss Systematics
                              at UC Berkeley

The University of California, Berkeley, has recently been awarded a PEET
grant from the National Science Foundation.  A detailed explanation of the
PEET program can be viewed on the World Wide Web at:

The UC Berkeley PEET grant focuses on the tropical moss family
Calymperaceae, and involves studies on three levels: (1) The
circumscription and higher-level relationships of the family; (2)
Relationships of the genera (and major sections) within the family (the
major goal being to verify the monophyly of Mitthyridium and select a few
other monophyletic subgroups of the family for monographic study); (3)
Species delimitations and relationships within the selected subgroups
(e.g., Mitthyridium) culminating in world monographs.  At all these levels,
but particularly in the latter, we are also considering biological,
ecological and geographic factors influencing diversification. This
research involves field and herbarium studies to discover and refine
taxonomic characters.  Laboratory studies including SEM, morphometrics,
culture studies, and DNA sequencing are being used to supplement the
morphological data.

The project includes training at the undergraduate, graduate, and
postdoctoral levels, and funds are available for stipends and research
expenses at all these levels.  Interested parties are encouraged to contact
the PI, Brent Mishler, at <bmishler at> for further
information on timing and availability of positions.

Of particular urgency are applications for graduate school.  A graduate
research fellowship for a Ph.D. student working on this research is
available beginning in Fall, 1998.  The Department of Integrative Biology
admits graduate students for study once a year, and applications must be
postmarked on or before **December 15, 1997** to be considered for
admission for Fall, 1998.  The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) should be
taken in October 1997 at the latest.  The Test of English as a Foreign
Language (TOEFL) is an additional requirement for foreign applicants.

To receive graduate spplication materials, please contact Joan Lubenow,
Graduate Admission Coordinator for Integrative Biology (phone (510)
643-5125 or email <jmlubenw at>), immediately.

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