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Somebody has alerted me that they have had difficulty tracking down the
paper by Peter Weston which I mentioned yesterday.  It appeared in a
symposium volume which cant be found at the publisher's web site.  Just now
I couldnt find it at a major Australian bookseller's web site, so perhaps
it is out of print.  It is an interesting book, so here are the full
bibliographic details from the Australian National Library catalogue.
Unfortunately no ISBN is given.

Title: Models in phylogeny reconstruction edited by Robert W. Scotland,
Darrell J. Siebert, David M. Williams.
Edition: 1st ed.
Published: Oxford : Published for the Systematics Association by Clarendon
Press ; New York : Oxford University Press, 1994.
Description: xi, 360 p. : ill. ; 25 cm.
Contents: 1. The lessons of history / Mary Pickard Winsor -- 2.
Explanation, description, and the meaning of 'transformation' in taxonomic
evidence / R. H. Brady -- 3. Species and history / Olivier Rieppel -- 4.
Models, modules, and molecules in morphogenesis / Stephen Blackmore -- 5.
Partial truths: a review of the use of concepts in the evolutionary
sciences / T. J. Horder -- 6. Morphogenetic cascades, generic forms, and
taxonomy / Brian Goodwin -- 7. Rational taxonomy and the natural system as
exemplified by segmentation and phyllotaxis / Mae-Wan Ho and Peter T.
Saunders -- 8. Methods for rooting cladistic trees / Peter H. Weston -- 9.
Ontogeny, rooting, and polarity / Mario C. C. De Pinna -- 10. Null or
minimal models / Colin Patterson -- 11. Three-item consensus: empirical
test of fractional weighting / G. Nelson and P. Y. Ladiges -- 12. The role
of models in reconstructing evolutionary trees / David Penny, Peter J.
Lockhart, Michael A. Steel and Michael D. Hendy. 13. An empirical example
of parsimony behaviour / Marc W. Allard -- 14. DNA characters and
cladistics: the optimization of functional history / Victor A. Albert,
Anders Backlund and Kare Bremer -- 15. Intraspecific phylogenetics:
problems and solutions / Keith A. Crandall, Alan R. Templeton and Charles
F. Sing -- 16. Estimating evolutionary rates for discrete characters /
Brook G. Milligan -- 17. Inferring evolutionary processes from molecular
phylogenies / Paul H. Harvey, Eddie C. Holmes, Arne O. Mooers and Sean Nee
-- 18. Cladograms and trees in biodiversity / C. J. Humphries and P. H.
Series: The Systematics Association special volume ; no. 52 Oxford science

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