Interruption of Taxacom WWW Archive Service

Jim Beach jbeach at NBII.GOV
Thu Oct 23 13:19:46 CDT 1997

The Taxacom WWW archive is going to be off-line for approximately 7
days beginning October 31, 1997.

The Taxacom mailing list (listserv) will not be effected.  We'll archive
the Taxacom mail during the period and restore it to the WWW archive on the
Biodiversity and Biological Collections Web Server (BBCWS) when it comes
back on-line in early November.

If you use the Taxacom WWW archive on a daily basis and are not currently
subscribed, you may want to subscribe to the Taxacom list for that time
period to stay current.   That Taxacom reference card follows in the next
and contains subscription information.

In addition to the WWW archive on the BBCWS (, the
Taxacom list mail is also archived by the listserver at the University of
California at Berkeley (listserv at

Jim Beach

James H. Beach
USGS Biological Resources Division
Tel: (703) 319-1173
E-mail:  jbeach at

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