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Following is a list of suggested sources for "punch card" type keys (I
believe that I saw my first one as an undergraduate at Miami University,
Oxford, OH).  I want to thank everyone who responded, particularly those
who offered ones on loan (you can borrow my vasculum anytime)!  For a punch
card key to the families of flowering plants, see Hansen, B. & K. Rahn,
1969. Determination of Angiosperm families by means of a punched-card
system. Dansk Botanisk Arkiv 26(1):1-44+172 cards. Field Museum of Natural
History (Chicago) published Simpson, D.R., and D. Jones. 1974. Punch card
key to the families of Dicotyledons of the western hemisphere south of the
United States.  Hyland, B. 1982. "A Revised Card Key to Rainforest Trees of
North Queensland" CSIRO, Melbourne (ISBN 0643004211) is now out of print
but in a number of libraries.  Forestry Suppliers, Inc. marketed two (for
trees and for wildflowers).  William Weber (Colorado Museum, Boulder)
developed a punch card key to accompany Guide to the Mosses of Colorado
(1973). For an online key see

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