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I have posted this information for John Brown. The book has purposely =
not been published through a large company in order to keep the price =
down and student affordability up. This book may be of interest to =
mycologists and botanists. Cheers Jeremy

Plant Pathogens and Plant Diseases

Edited by J. F. Brown and H. J. Ogle

A completely rewritten update of the 1980 textbook 'A Course Manual in
Plant Protection' with an Australasian emphasis. The book is designed to
give students and researchers a background in the principles of plant
pathology and of managing plant diseases. The agents of disease and =
methods of infection, survival and dispersal are described as well as =
responses of plants to infection. Descriptions of the factors affecting =
development of disease epidemics and methods for forecasting disease
outbreaks and assessing the effects of disease on yield lead into a
discussion of the strategies used to manage plant diseases. The final
section contains descriptions of diseases caused by the various groups =
pathogens. The text draws on the expertise of teachers and researchers =
throughout Australia. A must for Australasian students of plant =
and those interested in how diseases affect plants.
The text is endorsed by the Australasian Plant Pathology Society Inc.

ISBN- 1 86389 439 X  Rockvale Publications
Published-October, 1997
556 pp.; over 140 illustrations and photographs
250 x 176 mm softcover format
Price $49.00

Send orders to: Rockvale Publications, 639 Rockvale Road, Armidale NSW =
Australia, including payment by cheque, money order or bank draft in
Australian Dollars.

Please forward _________ copies of Plant Pathogens and Plant Diseases  @
$A49.00 plus postage and handling.



Postage (overseas: economy air) and handling charges per copy

New Zealand-$16
Asia & Pacific-$18
North America-$21
South America-$23

Plant Pathogens and Plant Diseases

Part I
The agents that cause disease
Plant Pathology: an overview
Plant microbe symbioses
Fungi as plant parasites: introduction
Fungi with aseptate hyphae and no dikaryophase
Fungi with septate hyphae and a dikaryophase
Bacteria and phytoplasmas as plant parasites
Viruses and viroids as agents of plant disease
Nematodes as plant parasites
Other biotic causes of diseases
Abiotic diseases of plants
Serological and molecular techniques to detect and identify plant =
Part II
Survival and dispersal of plant parasites
Survival and dispersal of plant parasites: general concepts
Airborne inoculum
Soil-borne inoculum
Vector-borne inoculum
Part III
Infection processes and crop-loss assessment
Infection processes
Mechanisms of resistance to disease
Factors affecting disease development
Prediction of disease outbreaks
Assessment of disease and effects on yield
Biocontrol of weeds using plant pathogens
        Part IV
Disease management
Disease management: general concepts
Disease management: exclusion, eradication and elimination
Disease management: chemicals
Disease management: cultural practices
Disease  management: resistant cultivars
Disease  management: biological control
Part V
Examples of specific plant diseases and their control
Fungal diseases and their control
Bacterial and phytoplasma diseases and their control
Virus and viroid diseases and their control
Nematode diseases and their control
Diseases in natural plant communities
Postharvest diseases and their control

Dr Stephen J. Allen,
Australian Cotton Research Institute

Dr John F. Brown
University of New England

Dr Lindy M. Coates
Queensland Department of Primary Industries

Dr Michele L. Dale
University of Queensland

Dr Karen S. Gibb
Northern Territory University

Dr Ken C. Goulter
University of Queensland

Dr David I. Guest
University of Melbourne

Dr Greg I Johnson
Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research

Dr Philip J. Keane
La Trobe University     Professor Allen Kerr
University of Adelaide

Dr David B. Nehl
Australian Cotton Research Institute

Dr Helen J. Ogle
University of Queensland,

Dr John W. Randles
University of Adelaide

Dr Graham R. Stirling,
Biological Crop Protection Pty Ltd

Dr A. Marcelle Stirling
Biological Crop Protection Pty Ltd

Dr Julie M. Stanton
Queensland Department of Primary Industries

Dr David Teakle
University of Queensland

Dr John F Brown, Honorary Fellow
Department of Botany
University of New England
Armidale, NSW 2351, AUSTRALIA

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