RES:Dogma one last comment

Thomas Schlemmermeyer termites at USP.BR
Wed Oct 1 12:37:35 CDT 1997


I considered the discussion about creation versus evolution very =
inspiring and interesting.

For me, as an european citizen, not familiar with the US-society, the =
principal take home message is the potential political impact of =
creationists on decision-making and the possible
bad consequences on evolutionary biology and, thus, on the conservation =
of our biosphere.

I disagree that Darwin=B4s theory lead to large improvements and =
developments in medicine
(Or, am I just unimformed?).
Darwin=B4s theory has an ethical and cultural worth. It may help to =
think about our endangered
Environment and appreciates the diversity of life.

To argue against the religious promise of everlasting life, one may say =
that life on earth, surely,
Independent of belief systems, is not everlasting and limited in all =

I only want to add that yesterday I read in the news that the =
Seventh-Day-Adventists will continue to insist on a literal =
interpretation of the bible thus sticking to the idea of an creation =
within six days. It really seems to me, that creationism is not dying, =
but, instead, uprising.

God, send us thousands of undergraduate courses in critical bible =
Interesting I considered, as well, the suggestion to discuss it all out =
with some illiterate peasant.
That the beauty and poetry of our planet won=B4t be destroyed be some =
religious fanatics!!!!!!

All the best    Thomas - Ribeir=E3o Preto

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