New version of Bot. Latin Translation program

Peter Bostock pbostock at OZEMAIL.COM.AU
Sun Oct 12 21:48:05 CDT 1997

There are new versions of the Botanical Latin translation programs TransLat
(vers. 4.07a) and Latin (vers. 2.7) available at my website as of today. The
installation file now includes a 'dictionary' file (English.txt) containing
the sorted English -> Latin equivalents of each word in the database files
used by the programs.

The full installation file TranInst.exe is now about 508 Kbytes. I have also
provided split installation files which may improve downloading for some
people: file 1 contains data and programs (353 Kbytes zipped) and file 2,
the English->Latin dictionary plus the original examples.exe file (172 Kbytes).

As before, if anyone has major difficulty downloading the file(s), I am
willing to provide them on floppy disk if all else fails.

web site:

Peter D. Bostock, Senior Botanist, Queensland Herbarium
pbostock at (also peter.bostock at
Latin translation program (freeware) available at web site)

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