Bot. Latin on Macintosh

Peter Bostock pbostock at OZEMAIL.COM.AU
Mon Oct 13 22:55:29 CDT 1997

Dear Taxacomers,

In response to a question from Lowell Urbatsch, Louisiana State U., I
checked out my translation programs on Qld Herbarium's Performa 6300 PowerPC
running Dos 6.22/Win 3.1 under SoftWindows(tm). All programs worked OK from
the DOS prompt, although memory was only just sufficient. The DOS
implementation on this Mac is not yet set to use 'high memory', hence max.
executable program size was set at 483 Kbytes, just enough for Translat.exe.

Speedwise, Translat.exe processed one Latin word every 300 milliseconds on
average (approx. equivalent to the rate obtained on a fast 386 or slow 486
PC), compared with 10-30 milliseconds on a Pentium 200 under Win NT 3.51.

I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who has access to Dos/Win emulation
on Unix/Linux/SunOS. Also other flavours of Macintosh -> Dos emulation if
they exist.

Peter D. Bostock, Senior Botanist, Queensland Herbarium
pbostock at (also peter.bostock at
Latin translation program (freeware) available at web site)

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