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Zhang Dianxiang h9592048 at HKUSUA.HKU.HK
Tue Oct 14 12:54:43 CDT 1997

Dear taxacomer,
I found a specimen from Guangdong, China, which I believe to be a Corsia
species. If it's true, it will be a new record to China for the
Corsiaceae. I tried hard and asked our interlibray loan service to get a
copy of Van Royan's article "Corsiaceae of New Guinea and surrounding
areas"(Webbia 27:223-255, 1972). I'll be very grateful if any of you can
send me a copy of this paper.
Thank you in advance.
Zhang Dianxiang
Department of Ecology & Biodiversity
The University of Hong Kong
Pokfulam Road
Hong Kong
Fax: (852)25176082
Tel: (852)29645769

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