Was: Woese Now: Origin of life and Karl Popper

Thomas Schlemmermeyer termites at USP.BR
Mon Oct 20 20:15:33 CDT 1997

Hello out there,
For me it is greatly satisfying, that finally, even though with another =
than my own thread, the bacteriologists entered the field.

One of Kinman=B4s objectives is to avoid further damage to research in =
face of the strong power of cladistic methods.

Magnus Liden wrote it out more metaphysically: Making phylogeny with the =
domains of life equals to speculating about the origin of life.
Sorry, I=B4m just trying to get into it. So let me start with Karl =
Popper. In his work about evolution as a metaphysical research program =
he puts the following hypothesis:

The great variety of life forms on earth originated from a smaller =
number of forms, maybe from one single organism. There are a tree of =
evolution and an evolutionary history

So what about this tree of evolution, formulated by Popper in 1974?
Is it today possible to decide how many different forms or groups =
exactly gave rise to evolution?
What about this theories of symbionts? Don=B4t the Cyanobacteria have =
organellae? Where did these come from? And the mitochondriae in =

Sorry, I=B4m only at the very beginning of trying to get into it. But =
intuitively, I would guess that the
origin of life is far more reticulate than Hennig=B4s dichotomies, =
discovered in Diptera!

Cheers    Thomas

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