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Subject: New U.S. Vegetation Classification and Information Standard              (xpost from ECO-TECH)

>Yesterday, 22 October 97, U.S. Sec. of Interior, Bruce Babbitt, approved
>the Federal Geographic Data Committee's (FGCC) Vegetation Information and
>Classification Standard after being endorsed by the FGDC Steering
>Committee.  This will now be the standard vegetation classificaiton system
>for use by U.S. Federal Agencies and their cooperators.
>The standard has been under development since 1992 and has undergone public
>reviews. It may be viewed at <>   The final
>format of the standard will change slightly from what is presented at this
>site when it is officially published, but the content is essentially the same.
>In addition to the public review, the FGDC vegetation standard was closely
>coordinates with the development of the FAO Land Cover Classificaiton
>System (see
><> to
>provide international links and to work towards the development of a truly
>global vegetation and land cover classification system.
>For information on the development of other U.S. geospatial standards, see
>the FGDC home page at <>
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