A.-P. de Candolle Prize: second announcement

Patrick Perret perret at CJB.UNIGE.CH
Fri Oct 24 10:38:52 CDT 1997

        **** second announcement ****

The Geneva "Societe de Physique et d'Histoire naturelle" (SPHN) is pleased
to announce that in 1998 it will award a prize in Botany called:


which will reward the author or co-author of the best monograph on a genus
or family of plants. It should be preferably recent and unpublished on
December, 31, 1997.

        It is expected that the monograph should be a complete coverage of
the groups considered, i.e. description of external characters
(morphology), a scheme of distribution of subordinate units, and an
up-to-date, complete bibliography. Critical synonymy, and keys of
classification, description of anatomical, caryological and physiological
details, as far as they can be used to distinguish the sub-groups in line
with the international rules of nomenclature, will also constitute
important elements for evaluation.
        Partial treatments, i.e. monograph of a sub-family, a tribe, a
sub-genus or a section, provided that the group is defined clearly with
respect to its neighbours and distinctly subordinated to superior units,
would be acceptable. Additionally, partial treatment of a group in which
all the sub-ordinate levels have not been studied (e.g. rearrangement of
genera, varieties and forms omitted) would be acceptable.
        However, it is expressly stipulated that the enumeration of species
(e.g. "Rare plants of the Geneva Botanical Garden") should not be accepted,
and partial treatment limited geographically ("Cirsien der Schweiz") would
be taken into consideration only if no world monograph of any other group
is presented at the same competition. This last condition does not apply to
the revision of groups that can be studied on live material only, like
fleshy fungi for example.
        There is no restriction of nationality or domicile. The text may be
written in Latin, French, German, English, Italian or Spanish. A summary
must be translated into French or English and contain a dozen pages
(roughly 4000 words or 20,000 signs).

        Two copies of the manuscripts, along with a curriculum vitae, must
be submitted to the following address before March 31, 1998:

                Augustin-Pyramus de Candolle Prize
                Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques
                de la Ville de Geneve
                Case postale 60
                CH-1292 Chambesy/GE

        The reward if CHF 3000,- and can not be shared. It may be reduced
or not be offered if the presented works are insufficient or do not fulfil
the criteria of this notice. Application will be examined by a Committee.
The successful monograph remains the property of the author, but a copy
will be deposited at the SPHN.
The President of the SPHN

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